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Car Accidents

There were more than 4.4 million people seriously injured in car accidents in the United States in 2019 and more than 37 thousand deaths.  The costs from these accidents exceeded 230 billion dollars.   More than 100 people die each and every day because of traffic accidents in the United States -- one death every 13 minutes. Therefore, it is hardly surprising that of any event in a person’s life, it is involvement in a car accident that usually brings about a serious personal injury.

In New York State, the complexity of intertwining legislation, comprising of “no fault” laws, traffic laws, motor vehicle laws, and insurance issues and regulations can be a daunting and formidable barrier to just compensation for injuries arising from a car accident.  Workers compensation, medicare and medicaid liens only complicate matters further.

A victim of negligent driving - which includes distracted driving, drunk driving, and driving while texting —may all too often receive inadequate compensation unless the injured victim has competent and conscientious legal assistance. The Greenberg Law Firm, LLP can help.

If you have been hurt in a traffic accident, you should have immediate advice from an attorney who will know your case and the applicable law and who will ensure that your case gets the individual attention necessary to assure you a just and fair financial compensation.

Car Accidents: Text
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