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Medical Malpractice

In 2006, the Harvard School of Public Health conducted a study of 1,442 closed cases from five medical malpractice insurance companies. The results were disturbing. 90% of the cases involved serious injury. And, in 26% of the cases, the patient had died.

In over 60% of the cases studied, there was evidence of overt medical malpractice. And, in 16% of the cases where there was clear malpractice, the victims received no compensation in their court cases.

The undeniable conclusion from these sad statistics is that having a just claim for compensation arising from an error by a medical professional is hardly sufficient on its own to guarantee a fair and equitable recovery.

A lawsuit for medical malpractice in New York State must demonstrate that the offending physician or other medical professional deviated from generally accepted medical standards of treatment and that the deviation was causally related to harm occasioned to the patient.

Only through the cogent and thorough analysis by expert medical doctors specializing in the same specialty as the offending physicians can a patient-victim of medical malpractice ever hope to achieve a fair and just recovery. Also, those experts must be brought to court to have their opinions tested in the crucible of cross-examination. In short, preparation for such a case requires the best and most diligent of legal counsel.

The Greenberg Law Firm, LLP can help. The litigation law firm will analyze your particular case, review your medical records, and then select the right medical experts to prove your case in court.

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