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Erb's Palsy, Cerebral Palsy, Kernicterus & Other Birth Injuries

When the shoulder of a new born is too large to readily pass the birth canal, a condition known medically as "shoulder dystocia" is likely to occur. This situation is a true medical emergency and the capability and competence of the obstetrician will tell the difference between bringing into the world a normal child as opposed to one with lifelong disability and deformity.

Such a deformity is called "Erbs Palsy" and is characterized by partial or in extreme cases total loss of use of an upper extremity—the arm and shoulder—due to nerve damage to the brachial plexus occurring during the birthing process.

Nearly all of these disastrous birth injuries can be avoided if the obstetrician recognizes the danger at an early enough stage to perform a caesarian section or—where the birth process has proceeded past the point where a Caesarian Section can be safely performed—by use of simple maneuvers of the infant's body in the birth canal designed to release the "stuck" shoulder, thereby avoiding the calamitous nerve damage known as "Erb's Palsy."

Likewise, pediatricians must guard against a host of other potential catastrophic circumstances which threaten the life-long well being of any newborn. For example, the condition "kernicterus"—permanent brain damage arising from a buildup of a substance in a newborn's blood known as "bilirubin"—is characterized by jaundice in the new born and, left unrecognized and untreated, may result in a myriad of terrible consequences such as cerebral palsy, hearing loss or deafness, auditory neuropathy, serious learning problems and other developmental disabilities.

In short, at the earliest stage of life a child's vulnerability must be safeguarded by proficient and careful assessment—by those with the responsibility to render medical care—of many potential ruinous conditions. All too often, negligence by these medical professionals goes unrecognized for years until a careful analysis of birth records and early pediatric records reveal the true reason for a young child's evident abnormalities. And, the laws in New York State have a relatively generous statute of limitations rules allowing cases to be brought for many years following the medical negligence at issue.

If your child suffers from cerebral palsy or any other abnormal medical or neurologic condition and you want to investigate the cause to see if your child may be entitled to substantial financial compensation, contact The Greenberg Law Firm, LLP. Our firm will review your child's records with renowned medical experts to learn the true cause of your child's disability and get fair compensation from those legally responsible.

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