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Products Liability

The LL Bean Company was aware of 39 incidents where children fell through openings in their harnesses, toppling out of their carriers manufactured to carry children. LL Bean never reported the defect to the Consumer Safety Product Commission, and was fined a civil penalty of $750,000.

Tiger Electronics Limited recalled 220,000 piano toys where the top section of the attached microphone was shown to have a tendency to break off causing children to choke.

19 million dive sticks were recalled by the Consumer Safety Product Commission when it was shown that children could land on the sticks in shallow water and be impaled to death.

The Crate and Barrel Company recalled 4300 children’s tables when it was seen that a 6-inch hole in the center could result in trapping a child’s head.

These are just a few of the instances where shoddy, ill-advised, and dangerous products have been placed into the stream of commerce by some of the biggest and most well-known companies in the United States, subjecting their product’s users to the risk of catastrophic personal injury.

Fortunately, manufacturers, and their distributors, are not above the law and when a defective product—defective in design or manufacture-- has caused an injury, the victim has recourse. In fact, a person injured from a defective product in New York may require a company doing business anywhere in the United States to come to New York respond to a claim for damages. But, to establish a case of product liability, there must be careful analysis, expert review, and individual concern for the particular facts of the product, the applicable legal principles and the actual details of the injury causing event. Plus, in most instances, there must be appropriate consultation with qualified product engineers, expert in the facets of the particular product art issue.

The Greenberg Law Firm, LLP will prove your case of product liability in court. The attorneys at the law firm will locate capable and qualified engineers to assess the dangers of the product which caused you or your loved one to sustain severe injuries.

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